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Token Pricing

A token is our in-house unit of currency.  When promoting a particular web page, each time your page is viewed by a member, 1 token is deducted from your account.

You can earn tokens in a variety of ways:

  1. We give you some tokens for joining at a particular membership level
  2. We give you tokens when you use one of our surfing systems.  We offer both regular and manual surfing, and will provide you with tokens at a rate based on your membership level.  (See our member levels page for details.)
  3. We offer periodic raffles or surfing competitions where tokens are the prize.
  4. If you advertise our exchange, you will receive tokens for the advertising you run.
  5. If you refer other members, you will get tokens for the referral, and a percentage of the tokens that they earn.

Sometimes you need more

Need some time away from the computer, but still need traffic to your site?  Perhaps you don't have an extra computer, or the time surf on all day, or you need a lot of tokens for the weekend.  In these cases, it makes sense to buy some tokens in advance.

We are currently selling Banner & Text Ad tokens at the following rates:

Quantity Total Price Unit cost
2,000 Tokens $1.99 $0.00100
6,000 Tokens $3.99 $0.00067
15,000 Tokens $8.99 $0.00060
25,000 Tokens $13.99 $0.00056
50,000 Tokens $24.99 $0.00050

We are currently selling Manual tokens at the following rates:

Quantity Total Price Unit cost
1,000 Manual Tokens $9.99 $0.00999

We are currently selling Hover tokens at the following rates:

Quantity Total Price Unit cost

These prices are subject to change.  All value amounts on this site are in U.S. Dollars. 


At the current time, tokens have no cash redemption value.  Purchases of tokens are non-refundable.  They can only be  spent through our system, and will only be available for sites meeting our criteria.  We will provide best-efforts to deliver visitors to you in a timely fashion, but can not guarantee a particular rate of traffic.

Cookie Policy

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